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This building was a gift from, industrialist, Benjamin H. Warder.  It is a great example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture and was built in the late 1800's in memory of Benjamin's parents, Jeremiah and Ann Warder.  The structure is an L in shape and was built using Ohio Buff Sandstone trimmed with Worcester Brownstone and a Red Slate Roof.  Inside the building, a massive stone fireplace demands all of the attention.  Today, the fireplace can still be found in original form and is just as magnificent as it was in 1890. From 1890-1989 the building was used as the Springfield Public Library as a place of free enjoyment. Afterwords, the library moved to a larger building close to the Warder building when they found the need for a modern upgrade.  To this day, many people who enter Warder still have fond memories of this building as the library and are quick to share a story or two.
Today, the building is known as the Warder Literacy Center and is home to the Clark Country Literacy Coalition.  It is still open to the public.  Inside you will find a used bookstore and many students and tutors dedicated to improving literacy in Clark County. We plan to make sure thatWarder remains a treasure in Springfield forever!  Toward that end, we have set up an endowment fund with The Springfield Foundation for the building's future needs.  We also encourage people to donate to the building fund for the ongoing maintenance issues we face today.  And, of course, people or businesses can lend a hand in tangible ways, too, through volunteering for specific projects or by joining our building and grounds committee.

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